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Hey guys! Today, I just wanted to share an amazing idea I had for Disney Infinity 3.0 or further editions.

My ground-breaking idea is simple: The ability to place any owned characters down in the Toy Box, to fully take advantage of them. What I mean by this is that you can place them, like any other toy in the Toy Box, and make them move, say stuff, fight etc., giving us the ability to make cutscenes and even more interactive gameplay.

Don't get it? Here's an example:

If you already owned Mr. Incredible, he would be available to "Takeover" (no references applied :) ). That means that you can take your Magic Wand and set behavior things like "talk", allowing players to create cutscenes and missions.

Make since now? If not just ask me anything in the comments below. Plus, thank you for the amazing support on my last DI post. Bye!


Which classic Star Wars character are you dying to play as?


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