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If you haven't seen the latest GQ magazine and you're a Star Wars fan, maybe you should close your eyes when you come across the men's magazines latest cover on the newsstand.

One of the great droids of the Star Wars Universe is caught en flagrant delicto with Amy Schumer, star of Trainwreck (which opens this Friday).

Are your eyes still closed? You can open them now. Look below and marvel at what you see or don't want to see. Amy Schumer and CP30 as lovers!

Sure, the cover and "main spread" feature were done for GQ's upcoming comedy issue. The risque cover features Schumer in full Princess Leia slave outfit gently sucking the metal phalanxes of our beloved C3PO.

The images get even weirder, raunchier and funnier the more you gently open the spread.

Insane menage-a-trois...
Insane menage-a-trois...

Fully opened to the middle is this shocking image that has R2D2 joining in on the action in the weirdest and funniest hardware to software triple assemblage in cinematic history. What is CP going to do or has done with that butane torch? The way Schumer is fondling R2s peephole certainly bodes ill for the droids continued friendship.

Certainly 50 Shades of Gray, Metallic and White are in these three future. Not to mention more trips to the O-side of the force.

This really happened.
This really happened.

To finish it off Schumer performs fellatio on the blue glowing wand of Obi Wan.

There are more shocking and funnier images in the issue that comes out Thursday. Just keep your light-sabers holstered and your hands to yourselves. And remember to use The Force in good and appropriate ways.

The Force Awakens opens December 18, 2015.

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