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Who is/are the killer/s?

MTV just aired "Scream", not the movie, the series. Solving of mystery who is the killer will take longer this time. What do you think who could be the killer in this slasher series?

Here are the top 7 suspects:


Noah Foster? Quote: "Some guys like sports. I like serial killers, and Brandon James is my Dallas Cowboys." Is he the killer?

Maybe it's not just one killer. Could it be these two?


Will Belmont and Jake Fitzgerald High school Jock and his dumb friend that have secretly been watching previous victim on her webcam...


Brooke Maddox? Blonde, that obviously have some secrets ... Is she behind the mask?



Audrey Jensen? Girl that wants revenge...


Kieran Wilcox? New guy that might have some secrets... Could he be the killer?

And our sweetheart...


Emma Duval? Innocent girl you'd never suspect.

"Everyone has secrets. Everyone tells lies. And Everyone is fair game...until there's no one left."

So, at the end who do you think it's the killer?


Who is behind the mask?

Or someone else?


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