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"It's been ten years since the last great Need for Speed game!" This is a statement I've seen surrounding the discussion regarding Ghost Games' upcoming Need for Speed title. With its release date for XBOX One, PS4 and PC set for November 3rd, a lot of fans have put a tremendous amount of faith in this latest instalment, which has been simply entitled Need for Speed.

But why has this series received comments like this? What has Need for Speed been lacking all of these years and how do Ghost Games and EA promise to bring the spark that this series once had back? Let's take a look at what Need for Speed has promised driving fans on its release date!

Need for Speed
Need for Speed

Need for Speed on Xbox One, PS4 & PC - 5 Reasons to Look Forward to This Release Date

2014 was the first year since 2001 that didn't feature a Need for Speed game. Was it simply due to complications? Or have the development team been granted extra time to work on an improved version of the game? EA have clarified that the new Need for Speed game is not really a spiritual Underground 3 game, but it would still "share a lot of the" same content. So let's see what it's packing under the hood.

Extreme Customisation

The E3 trailer for Need for Speed focused heavily on one aspect of this new game: customisation. A lot of the options demonstrated in the trailer were locked, as you can see by the lock symbols in the trailer below. Therefore, the options that were available at the showcase were extremely limited. But EA have promised that this won't be the case on release date. We'll be able to build our cars exactly how we desire and this is probably what Need for Speed fans are most excited about!

Play How You Want

It was so surprising to see Need for Speed looking so great at E3 considering how late we found out about its existence. This game will be all about the player and how you can focus on your own builds and reputation in the game and online. Your car will be built by the hottest after market brands, will have extreme performance tuning and can have personalised handling.

Need for Speed in 2015 wants to give fans the control over the game they've always wanted. A lot of people were actually complaining about the camera in the E3 demo, but thankfully they've even given us control over that. Hopefully this extends to all manner of things in the chore of the game.

Need for Speed
Need for Speed

Everything You Loved About Need for Speed

"Inspired by some of the most beloved games in the series, from the customisation of Underground to the world of Carbon, from the narrative style of Most Wanted to the innovation and visuals of Rivals. " - Marcus Nilsson

The developers are keen to embrace all aspects of Need for Speed and its history. In this massive open world, Ghost Games will be celebrating the legacy of Need for Space by combining some of the best ideas throughout the franchise into one location. EA and Ghost have promised a lot with this game and we seriously hope that Need for Speed can live up to their proclamations.

Need for Speed
Need for Speed

All we need is to get our hands on this game to see if the handling really reflects what we've always wanted in Need for Speed. This release date is one to keep an eye on and probably the most exciting racing game left in 2015. Let us know what you think of Need for Speed in the comments below!


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