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It takes quite a lot to get this writer to wake up at 7 am on a Comic-Con Sunday morning: Evening events and late-night fan meetups, along with six or seven hotel lobbies filled with drunken celebrities can keep any fan of geek culture awake deep into the early hours of the morning. But with the promise of free food and classic superheroes from DC Comics, I found myself hiking toward the con center before my eyes had adjusted to the sun.

Yet for all of my crankiness, I soon realized that I had absolutely nothing to be upset about. DC seemingly saved the best for the very last of their press breakfasts, with a hefty lineup of title announcements, an explanation of their worlds going forward, and the return of a comic house that is more relevant now as it was when it first hit our shelves.

Multiversity Too

Under the direction of the brilliant Grant Morrison, the diverse and expansive Multiversity titles have found a new home post-Convergence. The original Multiversity told short, interconnected stories about alternate and parallel universes, allowing Morrison and other DC creators an endless canvas of creative ideas.

What's more, these titles are just as great when it comes to getting new readers turned on to comic books. Said Morrison:

These are stories we want to be able to tell from the ground up. You've never seen these characters before, and you'll have a complete adventure. You'll get to know the characters. You don't have to know anything prior to that at all.

So, for anyone looking to get their friends or family into DC without the immediate burden of back issues, Multiversity Too might well be the best place to start.

Telos and Superman Get Emotional, and The Teen Titans Return

DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio, the man responsible for countless stories throughout the world of DC, opened the breakfast with a slew of (actually quite hilarious) Dad Jokes before turning his attention to the future.

After CONVERGENCE, we had the opportunity to look at some of the more fan favorite stories from the two-month miniseries titles, seeing what was really popular and telling more of that particular story.

Kicking off in October, three new mini-series with emotionally focused stories will spin off of April's Convergence event. Titan Hunt, specifically focused on the Teen Titans, tells the secret history of the team in a world where they have yet to form; Lois & Clark focuses on a displaced version of the couple from another world laying low after the events of Convergence, and raising a son of their own; Telos, the villain of Convergence, goes on a solo journey through space and time to discover his origins.

Welcome Back, Milestone Media: Earth M Returns

Easily the most exciting and incredible news to come out of the conference - with respect to all of the previous talent, of course - was the return of Milestone Media comics as "Earth-M" (or the Dakota Universe), one of the new 52 universes within the DC Multiverse. Returning with the comic creators are beloved characters such as Static Shock, Icon, Xombi, and many more. Alongside their creative endeavors with DC, the company is said to be opening up the doors to diverse creators and stories, pushing forward with their original philosophy of superheroes for everyone.

Earth-M will see at least two hardcover graphic novels each year, with a yet-undetermined amount of stories to be told in mini-series format alongside their main titles. What has absolutely been confirmed, for now, is that there are over 100 pages' worth of new Static Shock already written by Django Unchained producer, Reginald Hudlin.

Along with the amazing news, I was able to personally meet the minds behind DC and Milestone, though their later panel kept them hush-hush about what, exactly, was happening with their new titles.

Luckily, I went to that panel and had my question answered: according to Hudlin, the Static Shock TV series is coming along nicely, and is still in the early stages of casting. Time to rest easy on all of that Jaden Smith news, folks.

Needless to say, I had the absolute best time ever at the DC press breakfast. Not only were we fed, but the room ended up being the first people to hear about the return of Milestone and it's partnership with DC in Earth-M.


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