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Okay, all you '90s kids out there. Let me hit you with some serious nostalgia. Remember the cute, blonde boy that Christina Ricci danced with in Casper? The one that actually was Casper? The same one that all the girls swooned over in Now and Then and the brave, heroic brother in Night of the Twisters?

Devon Sawa was every '90s girl dream with his blonde hair and bright, blue eyes.

You can bet he was on every cover of Teen Beat or Bop Magazine right alongside Johnathan Taylor Thomas and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Nowadays, he is just as dreamy. This is what Devon Sawa looks like NOW in 2016:

Devon Sawa recently caught the attention of many on Twitter with his playful banter with Bug Hall from The Little Rascals on "what they look like now" (see Michelle Smith's post on Bug Hall).

That's okay, Devon. You're still adorable, even without the beard. In fact, some might say he's down right sexy!


The Canadian actor has remained active over the years, making appearances in over 15 movies, including Final Destination. He had a reoccurring role on the show Nikita (2010-2013) as Sam Matthews where he played a total badass

And now he has a son, which only makes him that much more charming!

A father, a gunslinger, and a gardener?

Can I keep you?

Devon's next film, The Exorcist of Molly Hartley, comes out this year where he will be playing Father John Barrow. It's the sequel to this film, The Haunting of Molly Hartley:

Oh, God, that looks scary. Let's look at young, cute Devon again!

Any way you have it, Devon Sawa's still got it.


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