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Again with the minimalist trailers! I guess if it works, this kind of fleeting glimpse into an upcoming show is the best way to cultivate excitement in a fandom. The American Horror Story fans could well be the most eager to get something new, and if a spooky hand ringing a bell is all they need, who am I to complain about artistic intent? So let's break down exactly where the American Horror Story fandom stands, and what the future looks like for Season 5: Hotel!

The Trailer!

I'm inclined to not even refer to this as a trailer in the first place, as it really doesn't sport anything we're sure to see in American Horror Story Season 5! It is, however a vast improvement over recent efforts at teaser trailers, such as the Doctor Who Season 9 trailer that was literally a still rendering of the TARDIS with some sound effects over it. At least this trailer nails the tone of the show, with a sheer malicious confidence that is somehow put across with nothing but Lady Gaga's hand.

I'm assuming that's Lady Gaga's hand, as the trailer flashes her name proudly after the clinking of those metal nails. I suppose this trailer also confirms my suspicion that Gaga will be playing the concierge of sorts, working the front desk and representing the Hotel in all its sinister and foreboding glory!

That theme tune is back!

The brilliant opening from Coven!
The brilliant opening from Coven!

In the run up to American Horror Story Season 5, everything has felt a little vague and unclear. Ryan Murphy and FX can tell me about Lady Gaga's involvement forever, but until I get some concrete examples of the show's style, it doesn't feel like the show is returning. What better harbinger for Season 5, then, than that brilliant mind-bending theme tune, which I've already written about here! That ominous theme still feels like it's drilling into my brain, and I love it! Personally, I'm hopeful that Hotel will improve upon the slightly lackluster opening of Freak Show, and revert back to the visually aggressive jump scare opening credits of previous seasons!

The characters of Gaga, Evan Peters, and Sarah Paulson

One of the first things to be confirmed about American Horror Story Season 5 was that there would be no song and dance numbers, as some fans had assumed Lady Gaga's stage presence would be put to use. This means we'll be relying on her acting prowess, and with Ryan Murphy confirming that she will be an "evil" character, we should be set for an interesting performance. Then again, pretty much every character on American Horror Story has some capacity for being evil, so it's not that surprising.

Details have been circulating surrounding the characters of series mainstays Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson. I was glad to find out that we could be seeing a more sinister character played by Evan Peters, with him staying in "Room 64", a number known for the place where Howard Hughes apparently once spied on starlets with binoculars. This would have an air of Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window, and channel that campy classical Hollywood vibe that American Horror Story loves so much.

Is he no longer the good guy?
Is he no longer the good guy?

For Sarah Paulson's character, we've had statements regarding her as "the baddest bad girl of them all", which is odd for a show that has just cast Lady Gaga. Paulson is so good at being the doe-eyed victim, or at least the stalwart protagonist. I can't quite imagine her as an intimidating presence, especially when she's put against the sinister, spiky-nailed concierge that Gaga is playing.

Air Date in October

Nothing concrete has been given just yet, with only the promise of October to tide us over. I'd wager that Ryan Murphy, and everyone behind American Horror Story enjoy the fans toiling in their somewhat desperate circumstances. It just means that we'll be all the more eager to gorge on the show when it finally does start. Still, we can be sure to get more fleshed out trailers at the end of the summer, and more material promising Lady Gaga down the road. Are you hopeful for American Horror Story Season 5: Hotel? Let us know with a post here on MoviePilot, by voting in our poll, or by leaving a comment below!


Are you hopeful for American Horror Story Season 5: Hotel?


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