ByJordan P. Smith, writer at
It's an industry based on superficiality and nepotism. Mommy and daddy couldn't get her into TDKR, and they didn't like how she looked for the part in question (assuming it was Selina's bestie, Temple was the better choice ... and the better actress in general). And before we default to "that's racist!" again (such a tired way to make an argument), consider that film is primarily visual, so her "look" portrayed in head shots must not have meshed with what the casting director wanted. Even the pictures of Zoe you included scream "urban" with the large gauges, corn row braids, septum piercing, over-sized earrings, and (gasp!) her skin tone. I'm not saying any of that look is exclusive to urban men or women, but in an industry built on visual aids, that stereotype does exist. Sorry, that's how visual cues work. This is why bloggers tend to suck. You don't know how to make a coherent, convincing argument. If you think race is the issue, fine ... but a little lazy, and if it's the meat of your post you've done very little to make a robust case. Build an argument out of the idea that there isn't enough diversity in Hollywood and I might take you seriously (even if you choose to use terms like "joint"). But don't be silly by propping Zoe Kravitz up like she's won seven Oscars. Or been nominated for one Oscar. Or had a lead role in a major motion picture. See where I'm going with this?

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