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Okay so recently it seems that movie writers, game producers and TV writers have all jumped on the "origin/backstory" band wagon.

Dedicated fans can continue the pleasure of their favourite characters in the many available formats available. In a long list of stories put forward for us to digest is :

1) Superman - there are so many ways in which we have been given the Superman story to digest. Although many traits are displayed in all the Supermen, caring for humans, conflict over his identity, advice from his human parents about the sort of person he wants to be, each adaptation gives a slightly different concept which allows them to show other sides of Clark Kent that we would not usually see.

One of Superman's many versions.
One of Superman's many versions.

2) Batman - This is a character who seems to fit into modern society regardless of the changes in society. Again there have been comics, TV shows, movies all about the Batman. And as with Superman above certain traits remain as part of his character, his reluctance to kill someone, the fact that he is an orphan and a billionaire. Yet the different formats allow for different aspects of the same character to come out.

Gaming Batman
Gaming Batman

3) Spider-Man - This all round good guy has a great moral character which even children of today can idol. His purity in helping his fellow man, he is incorruptible, and puts family first. Spider-Man has spawned comics, games, cartoons, movies- the list goes on in regards to Spider-Man.

Classic Spider-Man
Classic Spider-Man

4) Wolverine - Now although Wolverine has always had his own origins story since the comics first started, Bryan Singer's adaptation of the X-Men allowed for screen writers to do 2 spin off films based on the character of Wolverine. Not to mention the more recent X-Men film, [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](tag:203942), which has added another layer to the already complex origin story of Wolverine.

Classic Wolverine
Classic Wolverine

But there as some characters that we all love or hate who we would like to know more about. Many stories are still untold. For example Morpheus of The Matrix trilogy would suit an origins story of how he got out of the Matrix , how he found Trinity etc.

But the 3 that I think should have there own backstories/origins are...

My first choice is, of course, Heath Ledger's Joker
My first choice is, of course, Heath Ledger's Joker

Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker. Not only was he an amazing Joker, the comical way in which he viewed life must have a story behind it. Where did he get those scars? What made him into the person he is (completely maniacal)? How old is he?

I think most people who have seen the The Dark Knight and seen Heath Ledger's performance would agree that a Joker spin-off would be highly intriguing and enjoyable. Perhaps we would feel even more for this character than we already do.

I do have a high respect for the idea that not knowing is probably part of the charm, and as Heath Ledger passed away at such a young age, we are likely never going to see such an insight into this Joker. Heath Ledger did the character of Joker proud and represented him greatly in my opinion.

Such an origins could allow the world of Christopher Nolan to go into any direction. And, whereas fans tend not to be greedy, another one of these amazing films (and therefore ideas) could extend how much everyone loves The Joker and Batman.

I think a film before Batman , where we see a young Joker before the world shaped him into what we know and love, showing what happened to make him the way he is. The thought that perhaps the whole Gotham reality is actually a paranoid delusion and does not actually exist outside his own mind. Or perhaps growing up his Father worked as a clown(hence the make-up) and one day his Father snapped and took his son along to all his horrific crimes, thus shaping the Joker. The Joker- Behind the laughter is what i would call it.

My second origin/backstory would be...

Sweet Pea kicking ass
Sweet Pea kicking ass

Sweet Pea of the Sucker Punch franchise. Now in the film we are told very little about this very strong female character. (*spoilers) In the movie it turns out that it was Sweet Pea's story all along, yet we are never shown why. We know she is in the asylum with her sister Rocket but we don't know how she got there.

Her story is left at the end of the film with the possibility of another film focusing on her yet we don't have it and are not likely to ever have it.

Her backstory is like a blank canvas in the movie circle ,as not many people who watched the film have even read the comic books. I include myself in that category.

Sweet Pea is a rare character in that she is female. Strong female characters are still trying to come through, with more success lately ( Katniss Everdeen, Bella Swan, Trinity). However she is a character that most people can accept and that is a very rare thing indeed.

Perhaps a film where we go back 5 years to long before the asylum happens, to look at what happened to Sweet Pea and Rocket (also their real names). discover what they were fleeing and how they ended up at the asylum where Sucker Punch takes place. Pinky Promise is what I would call it.

An origins story on her could open up a lot of people to the world of anime and expand the Sucker Punch concept.

My last choice would be.......

Donald Sutherland portraying President Snow.
Donald Sutherland portraying President Snow.

President Snow from The Hunger Games.

The great ruler of Panem, Ruler of the Capitol. A formidable leader with the grace and eloquence of all great leaders.

And in The Hunger Games he is the villain. The person to which the heroine ,Katniss Everdeen, is battling. and yet questions still remain..

What made him so cruel towards his fellow men ,women and children? Where did his disgust for the Districts come from? How did it come to pass that he was President ?

We are asked to view this man as a villain but I believe a backstory/origins of this character could be released and we could feel completely different towards him.

Or it could explain why we hate him in the first place, which ever way it were to be written.

What if in the backstory he was in District 3? His Father securing his families future by volunteering a sibling? He could have been raised with the view from his parents that the district people were beneath them, thus leading to such a disregard for these people.

Everybody loves a villain, but with his origins anything would be possible and would expand the world of Panem , and the story of The Hunger Games, extending the universe in which it rotates. I would call it Panem today, Panem tomorrow, Panem forever.


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