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Is Arrow on the slide into irrelevancy?
Is Arrow on the slide into irrelevancy?

When I watched Arrow from the start I loved it. I loved the story and Oliver Queens journey into becoming Arrow. It actually got me to start reading the Green Arrow comics. Then season 2 came along and again it was great to watch. Season 1 had the beginning of Queen's journey into a vigilante of Justice. He spent five years on a island training. Training to take down corrupt people who have wronged Starling City. He was a perfect anti-hero but hero aswell. I mean who wouldn't support anyone who has wronged millions of people. Season 2 was just as good. A lot of credit for season 2 was Manu Bennett as Deathstroke. Deathstroke was the perfect antagonist. Oliver Queen was pushed to the limit from start to finish. You really felt Oliver's pain throughout the season especially with the death of his mother. It was a emotional rollercoaster of a ride.

Stephen Amell was excellent as Oliver Queen in season one.
Oliver Queen's journey into Arrow was entertaining to watch.

Season two had more depth. Not only did it have Deathstroke but it had the Suicide Squad and more detail on the island. It was brilliantly written throughout. The introduction of Sara Lance was excellent. Caity Lotz was the perfect Black Canary. A great season.

Season two had more time on Lian Yu. The characters of Queen, Shado and Wilson were brilliantly written. Their chemistry together was a credit to the series.

Caity Lotz was excellent as Black Canary. She was brilliant as both Sara Lance and Black Canary.

Deathstroke was the perfect antagonist in season two.
Introduction of the Suicide Squad was a well developed one.

Both season one and two were great. However, season three was anything but great. The problem with season three is that it had a hard act to follow. After the events of season two with Queen/Wilson. Season three had to top that. It failed. At the start of season 3 it had the usual "Oliver is undecided about his future" pattern after the events of Deathstrokes army in season two. Then you had Ray Palmer coming out of nowhere to buy Queen industries and start a relationship with Felicity. Brandan Routh was good as The Atom but his character was rushed into the series without any real reason for it. It was like the writers were making it up as they go along. Then they did the unforgivable thing and kill Sara Lance. At the time, I do not think that CW realised how popular she was. After Sara's death Laurel took over!

Sara Lance dies. One of the biggest reasons why season three failed.
The Atom. A good character but had nowhere to go in season three.

Yes Sara died and Laurel took over. Laurel's journey was an annoying one. Her presence as the Black Canary was just not the same as Sara's. Her saw her train but no end product. There was nothing to fight for. The same goes for Thea. She was trained by Malcolm Merlyn (should of had more screentime) but just like Laurel that was it. Watching both Laurel and Thea train is one thing but to not have a goal is a joke.

The other aspect of a poor season was it's predictability. When Oliver travelled to Nanda Parbat to confront Ras Al Ghul we all knew that he would get killed. However it was by far the best scene when Queen and Ghul fought in the mountains.

The fight between Queen and Ghul was the only highlight in season three.

Of course Queen survived. Then it really got to far fetched. Team Arrow were going it alone without Oliver. But it was not the same at all without their ace card. Its like having a Flash show without the Flash!! It just doesn't work.

It also did not work that we actually did not see Ras Al Ghul until the second half of the season. Unlike season two with the buildup with Deathstroke throughout, Ghul only showing up in the latter stages did nothing for suspense. Even more comical was the way that Ras promoted Oliver so quickly in the League of Assassins. Like I said, season three was just a mess! Why would Ras so valiantly promote Queen even if he knew Queens motives? It just doesn't make sense.

I could go on in more detail about season three. Now apart from the worst season in Arrow, Arrow has to deal with competition from other mini DC series.

There is obviously The Flash. Flash has overtaken Arrow as the CWs top show. Flash first season was sublime. It had everything to it. A great cast especially in Tom Cavanagh as Harrison Wells. A great storyline and consistent throughout. Plus, the Flash is at an advantage though. It is more popular than Green Arrow to start with in the comics. So it was inevitable that Flash would surpass Arrow so easily now. After the finale of Flash season one. I can only think that season two will only get better. Arrow can not compete with Flash.

The Flash has surpassed Arrow as the frontrunner for CW.

Then we have the new upcoming shows. We have Supergirl, [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021) and Static Shock.

Supergirl is another character that is more popular than Green Arrow in the comics. So it already has a solid foundation. Judging by the trailer it does have a good format. I like the idea of Alien escapees and Karas journey. I think that having a female lead is also appealing. Let's face it, Supergirl has better powers than Green Arrow.

Supergirl has a larger fanbase than Green Arrow. If this series takes off, which it will, Arrow will begin to slide.

Legends of Tomorow is the spinoff series that has used characters from both Arrow and Flash. It has a great cast in Victor Garbo, Caity Lotz, Wentworth Miller, Brendan Routh and Dominic Parcell. With such a strong cast and with the writing primarily from the Flash team it's already in good health. Another factor in Legends favour is that Caity Lotz is back. A character that should never of been killed off. I believe that this is why they bought her back...because of Arrow writers mistake. So in 2016 we will get 15 episodes. Even though they are commissioned for 22 the producers want to develop each episode with the quality of a motion picture. Already CW are confident of a series 2.

Legends of Tomorow is a series that actually has the potential to be the pinnacle of CW. The characters are more interesting than Green Arrow.

Then there is Static Shock on Syfy. Which will be included in the same CWs universe. Static Shock is still in early development but he is a great character. He is African-American who will appeal to the ethnic demographic. Anyone who has read Static Shock will know that he can manipulate energy in anyway. Syfy are bringing in Reginald Hudlin and rumoured that Jaden Smith will play Virgil Hawkins.

Static Shock has close affiliation with the Flash universe. Crossovers are not an issue. But Static Shock has the popularity and with great development has a great future.

Arrow has a lot to make up after season 3. But we have to be honest Arrow is not a mainstream superhero. I'm not saying that CW have not done a great job with Arrow because they have. It's just that there are other characters that are more interesting than a man who shoots arrows. This is why the cast of Arrow is so large. It seems to be that Oliver Queen can not carry a series on his own anymore. Look at the Flash, Barry Allen has a team but he goes on the missions alone because he has powers to carry that story. Just like I'm sure that Supergirl, Static Shock and Legends of Tomorow cast can. Once all of these series get underway Arrow will not be the most anticipated anymore. That honour will go to Flash then Legends then Supergirl then Static Shock then......Green Arrow.


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