ByMax Ramhorst, writer at
For me, being able to explore Paris during the French Revolution was fascinating and I quite liked Arno and Elise. The story may have been a bit predictable and at times all over the place however, I enjoyed the story and the characters. For me though, it was Paris that made me fall in love with the game. There was something magical about walking through recreated Paris in the 18th century and seeing and climbing landmarks like the Notre Dame, Saint Chapelle, Pantheon, etc. I found myself just spending hours exploring the city and seeing the recreations of these famous landmarks that I've visited so many times in-person. I also liked the new combat system that so many people love to hate. That being said, for some reason, I'm not very excited about AC Syndicate. I love the idea of Victorian London however, it's the main protagonists who don't interest me much. Maybe I will really enjoy it when it comes out but as of now, I'm not extremely excited about it as I have been about past AC titles. I guess we will see...

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