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Shonen Anime are known for their explosive battles and powerful characters. But which are the best? Here is a top 5 list on the best Shonen Anime.

Number 5. Soul Eater

This anime follows the students of Death Meister Academy as they fight of witches, demons, and the like. This anime has comedy, drama, and action. The main characters are memorable and the fights are great. A must watch.

Number 4. One Piece

This anime is for pirate lovers every where. We follow a boy named Monkey D. Luffy as he looks for the legendary One Piece with his crew. Lots of comedy and action. Plus, Luffy can stretch like he's made of gum!

Number 3. Fairy Tail

This anime follows a magical guild named Fairy Tail as they fight evil guilds that wish to destroy them. This anime is one of my personal favorites. Great animation, lots of laughs, and explosive battles. And you gotta love that Happy the cat.

Number 2. Naruto

This anime follows the titular Naruto as he and his ninja friends fight rouge ninja as they try to destroy his village. Has great character development. A great anime for fans of ninjas.

Number 1. Dragon Ball Z

This anime is the king of shonen anime. It is known around the world for its powerful battles and spiky haired protagonists. We follow a man named Goku as he and his friends fight aliens trying to destroy the Earth. I recommend Dragon Ball Kai as the definitive way of watching this anime.


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