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I feel like the "Is Jon Snow dead or not?" debate has been pretty fully fleshed out to this point, and the conclusion has been that, essentially, we don't really know. Like all things in Game of Thrones, speculation is really all we can draw to to find out what is going to happen (and sometimes what already has).

So, of course the news that HBO announced their set locations isn't just innocent news. There's something you can draw from it, duh! Like the fact that they'll be filming at Castillo de Zafra in Guadalajara, Spain. Sounds pretty standard. They've filmed in Spain before. Nothing much for concern here, right? Wrong.

Matt Trommer / Getty Images
Matt Trommer / Getty Images

If you didn't read the books, it might not occur to you that this location looks like the Tower of Joy. If you read the books, you know what the Tower of Joy entails and how that affects Jon Snow, his lineage, and potentially the likelihood that he will return to the show.

We could easily get some kind of flashback thing going.

For those who haven't read the books, the Tower of Joy is the location where Eddard Stark found his sister Lyanna lying in a pool of blood. At that point, Ned made a promise to Lyanna just moments before she passed on.

The theory is R+L=J. It is commonly known and essentially says that the blood was from childbirth. The child in question was apparently fathered by Prince Rhaegar Targaryen. Ned Stark knew that any child of a Targaryen would be slaughtered by Robert Baratheon. Ned's promise said he would pretty much lie, and say that the child was his bastard. Obviously, he'd be able to give that kid a pretty good life before sending him off to The Wall when he comes of age. A better life than the alternative - execution.

Of course, this child was/is Jon Snow. He's half Stark, half Targaryen which makes him the song of ice and fire, according to the theory at least. There's more insight into the theory here. This video also explains it a bit deeper in a possibly more digestible form - as a video.

What do you think?

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