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Despite the upsetting news that TRON 3 was officially cancelled a couple of months ago, Disney continues to show some love to fans of the franchise. Disney Infinity 3.0 releases at the end of August and will include figures of TRON: Legacy characters Quorra and Sam Flynn. The characters' in-game move sets include derezzing their enemies and Lightcycles will be available for any playable character (yes, this includes Marvel and Star Wars characters) to ride on inside of the Toy Box.

TRON: Legacy's Sam and Quorra for Disney Infinity.
TRON: Legacy's Sam and Quorra for Disney Infinity.

In addition to the new video game additions, Disney Parks has released a video preview of the new Tomorrowland that will be part of the upcoming Shanghai Disneyland theme park. In it, they offer an incredible look at the TRON Lightcycle Power Run, "a new coaster-style attraction where riders board a train of two-wheeled Lightcycles for one of the most thrilling adventures at any Disney park."

It looks amazing. And while it doesn't make up for the lost of a new movie, it is still something to look forward to on the grid. The roller coaster is currently under construction for the theme park that is scheduled to open in December of this year. I'll definitely be there. Will you, program?

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