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Well I am not sure it is try but this night I had a dream of me and my family swimming in the lake and out of random more people came they weren't ordinary people cuz they just keep staring at us we decided to go to a cliff we climb on top of it and stayed there my father didn't want to go to the cliff so he stayed swimming in the lake moments later I looked down and noticed me father was gone and a pool of blood was surrounding where my father was I get up and I told me uncle we realized the people that came after we arrived were way to close to us and they were wearing clown mask I'm so scared I have to find a way to get us out the truck still has the keys in the ignition so I jump down the cliff in to the truck I turn on the truck so we can leave the rest of my family (brother,sister, and uncle) I drove off as quick as I can but its like the people already had a plan we crashed we got out we ran my brother,sister, and uncle were murdered I was all alone I was running as quick as I can screaming for help but no one would listen the I ran so much I came across the free way and main roads I'm grabbing people crying telling them some psychos are trying to kill me they already killed my family but no one would listen after I keep running a van comes out of no where in front of me its filled with a teenage daughter my age and 2 younger duagthers a new born baby and I little girl around my brothers age I open there door to the back seat and I tell them to go back the way they came and while I'm saying this I'm crying and explaining to them that its a sick place they killed my brother little sister father and my uncle they drive off quick but the killers kept following me we happen to crash again the father of the family I encountered stayed in the car while me and his 2 oldest daughters ran we ran and ran and ran then they finally got stuck I couldn't help them in fear of my life so I left I'm still running as far as I could then I get cornered the moments later I woke up .

Idk about you but I'm a 15 year old male nothing scares me but this dream felt real and I bet some of u while reading this message are thinking how does a 15 year old boy have this dream and sleep all they way through it and remember all of it.

i remember it so well cause I am in fear of losing the ones I love and now I am in fear of lakes and leaving my home


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