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This picture wins the internet today.

So, this just happened.

The internet has been buzzing with everything Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad the last few days. And this is the beautiful ribbon on the present that was some great announcements and wonderful trailers. I couldn't help but smile seeing this on Hollywood Reporter. They all look great, they look confident, and ready.

And they took a fun one as well (Batfleck still in character):

The Hollywood Reporter states that this was the first time the separate casts of next year's blockbusters came together, and also the first time a number of them met each-other. Noticeably missing however, was Jared Leto - who would have really made this union "complete".

While its unlike me to fan-boy over a picture, I've been longing to see the larger DC Universe translate on to the big screen for a long time, and haven't been this excited since the last Harry Potter movie back in 2011 (Which coincidentally came out exactly 4 years ago, today).

2016 couldn't come sooner.


Which movie are you more excited for?


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