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One of the most classic movies of the '90s, The Craft has taken on quite the cult following since its release on May 3, 1996. For the 20th anniversary of this beloved film, let's take a look at 10 magical facts you may not have known about The Craft.

1. Age Is Just A Number

At the time of filming, all of the actress were in their 20s. Rachel True (a.k.a. Rochelle) was nearly 30 years old!

2. Let The Unclean Thing Crawl

For the scene where Sarah is tormented at home by her former friends, over 3,000 bugs, rats and snakes —including a boa constrictor that was more than 10 feet long — were brought in.

3. Is More Better?

A sequel focusing on Nancy was planned for straight to DVD release but it didn’t happen. Now after all this time, Sony’s set to do a reboot of The Craft.

4. Secret Scenes

Like any other film, there are a few scenes that didn't make it into the final version of the movie. One of deleted scene shows Sarah visiting Nancy at the mental hospital, attempting to help her get better. Here are two more deleted scenes from The Craft.

5. Wig Wham Bam!

Robin Tunney (a.k.a. Sarah) had just finished shooting Empire Records and had shaved off her hair for her part in that film. As a result, she wore a wig while filming The Craft.

6. Wicca Wicca Wah-Wah

Fairuza Balk (a.k.a.) Nancy is a Wiccan. She also purchased the occult shop where she did her research for her role not to long after filming The Craft. Called Panpipes Magickal Marketplace, it supposedly is the oldest occult store in the US. Other films and TV shows such as Unsolved Mysteries, Dream On, and Witchboard II have filmed there. Balk sold the store in 2001.

7. Put A Spell On You

The Craft director Andrew Fleming hired a Wiccan consultant, Pat Devin — High, Priestess of Covenant of the Goddess — for the film. She wrote some of the chants that are used in the film and made sure the spells were common enough to be found in basic books about Wicca.

8. A Star Is Born

Angelina Jolie was considered for an unknown role in the film.

9. Magic!

While shooting the script and during early edits of the film, it was implied that only Sarah had magical powers and the other girls’ abilities were a result of them leaching off her magic.

10. We Are The Weirdos, Mister.

During the filming of the invocation scene on the beach, the actresses were using real Wiccan rites and language to invoke powerful forces. As a result, some weird things went down:

  • A flock of bats flew over the set.
  • The tide rose rather quickly, extinguishing the candles.
  • Director Andrew Fleming is quoted as saying, “Every time the girls started the ceremony, and only when they would start the ceremony, the waves would start coming up tremendously fast, pounding heavily. Then, right when Nancy says her line, "Manon, fill me," right at that exact moment, we lost power. It was a very strange thing.'"

What's your favorite fact about The Craft?

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