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I love the marvel cinematic universe and the dc tv universe
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The DC TV universe adds another amazing actor to one of it's most popular shows.

Michael Ironside, who has been in movies like Total Recall (1990) and Scanners (1981) has just been cast as Lewis Snart, the father of Leonard and Lisa Snart (played by Wentworth Miller and Peyton List) otherwise known as captain cold and golden glider on season 2 of The Flash.

So who exactly is this man? well, if you go back and re watch episode 4 of season 1 "Going Rogue", Joe West tells Barry that Snart's father was a bad cop who was very abusive to his children until he was sent to prison.

According to the Hollywood Reporter Lewis Snart is described as “a cold-blooded, ruthless career criminal” it is also stated that he will return to Central City after being released from prison and has a plan that will endanger both his children.

As always the creators know exactly who to cast in all the amazing roles on the show and I cannot wait to see the interactions between the Snart family.

Michael Ironside will make his debut in the third episode of the season which will be called “Family of Rogues.”


What do you think of the casting of Michael Ironside as Lewis Snart?


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