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Though the upcoming Justice League Part One movie will not be featuring a big screen version of Green Arrow, many fans are still holding out hope for a solo movie or, potentially, a role in Justice League Part 2. For now, all we have is Stephen Amell's version of the hooded hero, but, realistically, he doesn't really fit the part. Don't get me wrong, I love what CW is doing with its superhero properties and I do think Amell was a good choice for this particular version of the character. However, this version of GA isn't the one that we all know and love (at least most of us). Pre-New 52 GA, in my personal opinion, is the best version.

New 52 Green Arrow
New 52 Green Arrow

The picture above shows DC's New 52 take on the character. The big changes are in the hair, facial hair, and eye wear. With this version, we see short hair, goggles instead of an eye mask and no goatee, which is absolutely freaking ridiculous. This man needs a goatee. Obviously the suit has been altered as well, but it doesn't look horrible.

Pre-New 52 GA with the goatee.
Pre-New 52 GA with the goatee.

In the picture above, we see the Pre-New 52 version of GA and, as I previously stated, the better version. He's sporting the eye mask, longer hair and the classis goatee. Though DC's movies seem to be following somewhat of a New 52 route, I truly believe that using the New 52 GA would be a mistake. So, in order to prevent that huge mistake, they should use the older version and cast the correct actor (I don't really agree with all of DC's castings).

So, who should be cast as Green Arrow?

I have one, and only one, actor that fits the bill.

Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller.
Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller.

That's right. Charlie Hunnam. The guy practically comes with a built-in goatee. The similarities are striking, to say the least. While the actor may not be American, he does a damn good American accent, he has blonde (generally long) hair and he has the much needed goatee. Now that I think about it, I probably should have titled this article "Why I, Completely Heterosexually, Love Goatees". Either way, I dare you to find somebody better suited to play the part. Besides the facial features, he has the right build to play GA. He is in great shape and has experience with action sequences, though they were bare knuckle brawls on Sons of Anarchy, but the miracles of Hollywood can fix that.

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