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Before I get into this new chapter between Batman and the Joker this idea is something I don't even think the great Frank Miller or Mr Nolan has thought of.

Batman finally puts the Joker way in Arkham Asylum is the Joker moves in and out of every crevice of Arkham Asylum he hears tidbits of information about Bruce Wayne and his family. Joker does research on the family tree of the Wayne family.

Joker figures out how when industries accumulated so much wealth as well as political influence throughout the world but this is secondary for the Joker. He is trying to find out every tidbit of information about his nemesis from the early childhood years to early adulthood through high school and college every relationship with girls with family with friends. He finds out the biggest secret I'm Bruce Wayne's life that Bruce Wayne himself does not even know about himself.

What The Joker finds out is , is in fact that master Bruce was adopted by the Wayan family. And Bruce Wayne's real father is Alfred himself .

So now your question is how did this all come about?

Before Wayne industries became a world leader in industrial mechanics and engineering Bruce Wayne's father and Alfred served in the war together. We're talking about World War 1. At the time Bruce Wayne's father and Alfred both working as engineers in a cooperation between England and United States as a sort of Army Corps of Engineers black ops. Both men were working on projects for their countries but often work together on weapons defensive mechanisms code breaking and everything else under the Sun. Bruce Wayne's father shored up contracts with the government and that's how he made his incredible fortune. In the same token Alfred was doing the same thing on the English side. As the war rages on the Great Depression hit. And so is hit the financial status of Wayne industries as well as Alfred company home in England. It was at this time when money became tight that both worked on many many projects together. It was at this time because of the financial collapse throughout Europe and the United States Alfred lost everything but on top of the financial situation Alfred's wife which is really Bruce Wayne's mom was mentally ill she was a paranoid schizophrenic but medication was able to help her along but along with the financial difficulties she committed suicide.

This is another major reason why Bruce Wayne is the way he is mentally as The Dark Knight. Since this horrific situation happened with Alfred he felt that he could no longer raise the child properly so he in turn approached what is known to be Bruce Wayne's father and asked if he could adopt his son. Since the Wayans could not have any children because Waynes wife could not bear children they decided to do so under one condition. That Alfred would remain in Bruce's life for as long as he could. Thus being and playing the role as the butler . This is why is that constant feeling of Alfred being loving fatherly figure that Bruce had all his life since his father passed away. With all of this information compiled in the Joker's brain this is a powerful tool tonight just beat Batman but to control and manipulate him.

I believe my story line idea for this has so many potential possibilities I believe in things that Mr Frank Miller would have a smile on his face reading this little tidbit of information that I provided I would love to see how he would work this out!!! Lol.

So Mr Miller or anyone who is reading this that knows him I would love to know if there would be a response to such an idea thank you for your time.

I wish to thank anyone and everyone who decided to read this thank you for your time


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