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The DC/CW show [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021) coming this fall looks mind-blowingly awesome in its full embrace of comic book potential in a television format. The slow build of Arrow's success and immediate broad appeal of The Flash have led to big changes in which Oliver Queen will now return this fall in Green Arrow and Flash will continue to explore time travel, parallel time lines and add on the supervillains!

So what is Legends of Tomorrow, anyway? Only time will tell (pun intended) what direction this show will take, but a few things are clear: Geoff Johns is involved, Rip Hunter is a key character, and the series will probably follow some sort of maxi-series anthology structure that will run parallel to the other DC/CW properties. Confused yet? Wait until Rip Hunter explains how time travel works, how the members of his team are not allowed to revive dead friends, how they will do it anyway, and how all of this will lead to greater and more deadly convoluted timeline distortions that must be fixed!

To prepare, there is a single comic series you could read, and it is utter joy. Forget any of the Crisis series over the years and ignore most anything from the New 52 except this one title written by Geoff Johns: Booster Gold.

Wait, wait, wait, stay with me here...I know, we all thought Booster Gold was lame, right? Yeah, he is, even in the hands of Geoff Johns...but in a different way than you imagine.

Johns has a talent for understanding what makes a character tick and using that knowledge of the core value of that hero to make outlandish plots all the more interesting. In this case, Booster Gold must pretend to be lame in order to keep a low profile while traveling through the time stream with Rip Hunter in order to find and fix anomalies that have been caused by some unknown enemy for an unknown reason. Gold gets caught up in the obsessive belief that he must use these time traveling powers to revive his best friend, Blue Beetle...and Rip Hunter warns him, of course, that to do so would have devastating consequences for the time stream.

So...of course he does and it does, right? And it's an amazing, fun journey that made me absolutely love Booster Gold against my better judgment.

I imagine Geoff Johns will use the same rules and tropes of time travel in Legends of Tomorrow and, honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if Booster Gold and/or Blue Beetle eventually show up in the show! Booster Gold: 52 Pick-Up and Booster Gold: Blue and Gold not only offer an introduction to the types of stories that will probably be explored, but stand on their own as some of the most fun stories I've ever read. So even if you're not interested in Legends, check out the exciting and lame celebrity hero from the future, Booster Gold!

Jamie Duncan is the author of forthcoming fantasy series Fire of Norea.


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