ByShi' Ane, writer at is ignorant to the struggles of another's culture or even to that culture in general. Typically (NOT ALL THE TIME, and I'm not being racist by calling you out) the white race (which has the fortune of being individuals in most cases and not considered as a race/color (as you know people of color only refers to those who are "not white") has the privilege of having most of the power. Even if you say America is privileged as a first world country with most of the power, then whites are the "creme de la creme" as they hold most of the power in America. They don't have to be afraid of being beaten in the streets or gunned down in their backs regardless of being a law-abiding citizen or not and they don't have to worry about being a threat to someone because they were wearing a hoodie or even their cultural headdress or robes. (But yes even races other than white can be ignorant to other races.) And in America things from another country are considered weird and foreign, until it is thought of as exotic by someone who wants to sell more trends in fashion and make money. Same goes for food, until someone "americanizes" it and sells it to the rest of you. Watering down a different culture and saying that it is a part of assimilation maybe, "the melting pot" lol!!! Don't get me started on that!!! The whole idea of the melting pot is that the dominant culture picks and takes things that it likes from the others in order to assimilate them into itself (thereby ignoring all of the lush history and culture that that society has to offer!) but that's america eh?? We should be more like a salad bowl, where every culture benefits from the other and helps the others and together we are something beautiful, but even still you can see the distinct beauty of each of us (individually) and our history. Now, cultural appropriation (which is bad) is NOT respecting a culture and being educated in their culture and taking a part of in celebrating and recognizing them (which is good). If more celebrities were to know the lines of this it would be a lot easier for them!! If you are educated and show respect and know when and how to incorporate or wear a style borrowed from another culture with respect, then it will not receive backlash from the community!! In fact many might support you and what you are doing, being happy that you are interested in their entire culture. Example: learning a language by learning a language you are taking part in one of the biggest parts of a culture : communication! If you ARE NOT just taking out words you think to be cool or curse words because you want to curse at others without them knowing what you're saying AND ARE actually getting to know the language and through it the culture then you are successfully sharing in their culture respectfully and learning something new that will link you with more people. This is an example of how we should be treating each other's backgrounds and cultures with respect and with sensitivity! As we would want our own treated!

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