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TBH hair is hair BUT when you've been bullied or told you're less than or that you cannot be beautiful because your hair isn't the type of hair the media thinks is beautiful then IT ISN'T JUST HAIR anymore!!! Many of you choose whatever you want to do with your hair just because that's you!!! but MANY don't realize that you only choose certain styles because the media has said that's the standard of beauty!! So sometimes hair is war! I have no problem with anyone wearing cornrows provided they ARE NOT selling a product!! I think if a person has educated themselves in the culture of another and respect it then imitation is the highest form of flattery. ALSO, For those who say well if she (a white person or otherwise) can't do that then blacks can't be blonde or have straight hair... That's a lie because it doesn't mean you're appropriating a culture or that you're trying to copy white hair styles... You could be copying a black hair style many blacks (and even some Asians and other races) are born naturally blonde!! Also, many races are born with straight hair other than Europeans!!! So doing your hair like that isn't linked to copying European style!! And then there's people who are born blonde and don't care to color their hair and there's people who are born with super curly hair and don't want to straighten it for whatever reason (curly hair is beautiful men and women!!!) !!! Now, onto the other matter Cornrows are a bit different, the hairstyle does have an origin in a particular African community (not even African American originally) as a hair grooming technique and it transmits other cultural significance in fact the style or braid and the size and other aspects hold different significance which even many African Americans don't understand (do research). The same people once shamed and made to believe their hair was less than or not beautiful or that the cornrows style was bad in any form of the adjective, are now having it taken away by the same people who are now using it to sell products and popularity!! There's not a problem if there's not a person trying to get rich quick off of another person's culture. If the person is educated and respects the culture then by all means wear whatever style you please!!! Clothes, hair, etc.

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