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LaToya Adams
...h calling her a "stupid black bitch" and assumed you were pleading your case. First off, you sound uneducated and can't be taken seriously if those are your choice words. Second, instead of telling Yolonda to "read a book you idiot" maybe you should educate her on the differences between the two, so not only will she know the difference but there is proof that you have read a book and know the difference. I like Yolonda am married to a white man and have children who don't look African American at all to having such unique dark skin she could pass for multiple ethnicities. I hate that my children are growing up in a time when anything their father does that would slightly resemble any form of "culture appropriation" or "forced assimilation" would make him a bad man, and just show you know he and his family has shown me more respect than half the black people I've met in my life. I also see you have braids but I hope you aren't wearing them as a fishtail or getting relaxers (thank you for that Madame C.J. Walker), I hope you know who she is; because for the sake of being an advocate of preventing "culture appropriation" you are defeating the purpose since those styles are usually associated with "white culture." Also, you may want to educate yourself in spell check, the space bar, and think about using punctuation. Those are found in books as well.

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