ByLaToya Adams, writer at
LaToya Adams

To all the black women and men on here so upset about "culture appropriation," as a black women myself, I think you have forgotten the reason you even have a voice on hear and in life in the first place. It was white women who led the Woman's Suffrage, given us the right to vote and speak our minds. Second, it was leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. and Frederick Douglass, with a white community by their side as supporters who helped us be in the place we are in at the very moment. Living in a house, having the ability to go to college or even better learn how to read and write, and work in any career that we set our minds to. Yes, we still may not receive the same pay as our white counterparts or male counterparts but their are black leaders (Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice) and black CEO's (Ursala M.Burns and of course Oprah) who have made it. Maybe through a struggle but they made it and are successful. What you all of have done is set us back 60 years and made us look uneducated and appear that you want to go back to segregated times. I for one love my life with my white husband and interracial children and no I don't care for all of the new black culture that people have adopted but would be more impressed if black people went back to a time when men wore suites and clothes that fit and women wore pretty dresses and looked like women rather than looking as if they are constantly going to the club throughout the day. So what decade of culture appropriation are we going for because I just thing cornrows worn like Kylie Jenner is wearing them can be taken by her culture. I've seen cornrows worn beautifully by all women and shouldn't be something kept for our culture. It is just a ridiculous notion.


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