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With Warner Bros. finally releasing an official, full HD version of the leaked Comic Con Suicide Squad trailer, the internet is unsurprisingly buzzing about the newest DC film. However, despite the plethora of villains featured in the film, there is one naughty girl that has even overshadowed the infamous Joker.

Aussie actress Margot Robbie has bravely taken on the role of DC's most adorably psychotic darling Harley Quinn. The beloved character, who is without a doubt one of the DC universe's most popular characters, has long been limited to merely animated appearances. However, come August 5, 2016, Joker's little minion will hopefully finally get the silver screen appearance that she has longed deserved/ But will Margot Robbie be able to stand up to the challenge? Let's see where she stands against her Harley Quinn predecessors!

  • 1992~Batman: The Animated Series

Created by Paul Dini, Harley Quinn originally premiered in episode #8 of Batman: The Animated Series in "Joker's Favor." A Days of Our Lives dream sequence in which star Arleen Sorkin dressed as a jester inspired Harley's look and personality, while the character's name is an adaptation of the Italian Commedia dell'arte character "harlequin." The jester side-kick was initially meant to serve as simply a slap-stick walk-on character. However, the character's popularity quickly grew, and she was eventually incorporated into DC cannon.

  • 1993~The New Batman Adventures #12

Harley's next appearance comes in print form in The New Batman Adventures comic series. In issue #12 of the series, Harley and her anti-hero buddies Poison Ivy and Catwoman crash a Halloween party in which Barbara Gordon (later known as The Oracle) has dressed up as Batgirl. The 1993 Harley remains relatively similar to the original 1992 version with the exception of red and black jester balls and a red mask.

  • 2002~Birds of Prey

The 2002 Birds of Prey live-action reincarnation of Harleen Quinzel seems to be one that most fans are satisfied with forgetting completely. The series, which only ran for one season, starred Mia Sara as Harley's original identity Dr. Harleen Quinzel. With cheesy dialogue and sub par action sequences aside, the terrible red and black diamond cut out costume was definitely enough to cancel the show. Check out the final action sequence below...

  • 2004~The Batman

This 2004 Batman animated TV series gives viewers a bit of a more eerie version of Harley Quinn. Although the color scheme and general design remain similar to her original self, the elongated limbs, larger jester hat, and completely blank, white eyes give Harley a bit more of a psychotic feel.

  • 2008~Batman: The Brave and the Bold

This version of Harley is likely considered the most deviant of the reincarnations. In one of the series episodes, Joker, his thugs, and Harley decide to pay tribute to the Swinging 20's during a museum robbery by dressing up in flapper and gentleman attire. The only familiar characteristics this Harley possesses is the bright yellow hair and the usual crazed look on her face.

  • 2009~Batman: Arkham Asylum

2009 marked the end of a semi-innocent Harley Quinn and the beginning of a sexualized, chaotic, unstable, and violent villainess. Dressed as a revealing version of an asylum nurse, this Harley's outfit decides to utilize a red and purple palette as well as a tightly bound corset and bustier. Although seemingly inefficient for fighting, the outfit does a good job of showing off the darker Harley.

  • 2011: Batman: Arkham City

While this Harley also boasts a corseted waist, Arkham City designers decided to pay homage to the original 1992 design by returning to the classic black and red palette. In addition to the new color scheme, Harley seems to have added to her gun arsenal and decided to amp up her hair with a pop of color. Could Margot Robbie's cotton candy pig tails have been inspired by this badass jester?

  • 2015~Batman: Arkham Knight

Only a few weeks ago, the latest and greatest video game Harley Quinn made her debut in [Batman: Arkham Knight](tag:2683936). While once again remaining true to her favorite colors, this Harley decided to update her outfit with a ruffled skirt reminiscent of a French maid? She does do Joker's bidding, after all. The outfit even comes with a brand new bat which I'm sure does pretty bad damage in the hands of Joker's girlfriend. Is Margot Robbie worthy of wielding the same weapon?

  • 2016~Suicide Squad

Last but certainly not least (maybe), Margot Robbie herself! With Suicide Squad still more than a year away, will Robbie be able to don the figurative jester's hat? Check out the latest images of Robbie's Harley Quinn below and decide for yourself!


It looks like Harley doesn't start off as the colorful, street trouble maker we saw in the original movie poster. Locked up in Belle Reve prison for who knows what, Harley shows off both her acrobatic flexibility, mental instability, and formidable fighting skills. She may not be the most physically powerful opponent, but her agility, charm, and unpredictable behavior makes her a force to be reckoned with.

Obviously, Robbie's Harley decided to veer pretty of course when it comes to the original costume design. The bright pink and blue hair, gold bling, glittery shorts, and lace-up, high-heeled sneakers definitely made fans skeptical of Robbie's worthiness to play the legendary jester. However, despite the cotton candy pig tails and from the looks of the trailer, it doesn't look like Robbie will have any trouble losing her mind come August 5, 2016...

BONUS: The Doctor is in the House!

Although short lived, this incredibly telling clip from the trailer makes it very clear that fans will get a glimpse into the moment Gotham's most lovable trouble maker became Harley Quinn. In this screenshot, Harley still seems to be Dr. Harleen Quinzel, the Joker's psychiatrist in Arkham Asylum who became unhinged when she fell in love with "The Clown Prince of Crime." It may not be obvious at first, but check out the tattoos on the left. Look familiar? The unsettling "HA HA HA" gives a pretty good clue that poor Dr. Quinzel will be enduring some pretty intense torture from her future boyfriend...


Will Margot do Harley Quinn justice?



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