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The deeper meaning is that it was a simple role that not one ounce of race was part of, she could have done it. She may not be the best actress, but she could have done it. I'll be honest, I'm black girl, but I simply believe that society is confused. I say people are confused because I know modern society white people are not racist, some are, but some black people are also. My issue is we talk about moving forward with equal opportunity and moving from the past (people ancestors wrong doing are not the cause of current issues), but what I'm seeing right now, no one can do it. The moment producers/writers try to think outside of the box (Fantastic Four) and Spider-Man was supposed to be biracial in comics, they got rebelled on. We all know the top original super hero's were white, due to their time period of being created and there is NOTHING wrong with that because that is how the PAST was. It doesn't hurt to change around the characters race, they are characters. Anyone with a brain knows what the original ones looked like and you can't change what is already been established set in stone. When they came out with Green Latern being white in a movie, anyone who loves superheros should know he was originally white, but many people grew up seeing him as black on Cartoon Network. What you grow up to see based on your enviornment is what creates your personality/mindset. Regardless, people had a fit. Let things be people and enjoy the movies/cartoons/superheros regardless of what they look like, it's the character is what people were originally hooked on not the color of their skin. I was excited to Superman and 'm excited to see Fantastic Four because it's still the same character mindsets. The only change is race, but he's still human...well a human torch. Anyone with a solid understanding should see past that and I'm 22...makes me worry about society and what's important...

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