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Our generation might roll their eyes at a typical sexy model in a Carl's Jr. commercial. Or even snort in embarrassment for a commercial that was way cheesier than it needed to be.

But we should consider ourselves lucky. Some of these old vintage ads and commercials are not only out of date, but incredibly creepy as well.

Cuckoo for Cocoa

Except this kid looks anything but cuckoo, or any remotely happy sort of emotion.

Clown Rice

This clown looks like a whole mess of NOPE. I didn't know crack-cocaine was so popular back then.

The Never-Ending Laugh

She needs to stop. Right now. Because it's creepy as hell, that's why.

Diamond Dyes Got Me Dying

There's nothing positive about this situation. That paint probably had lead in it, that's definitely considered animal abuse, and good luck getting that red out of your carpet.

Pot Bellied Baby?

I love animals. And I sure love babies. But there is absolutely no need to combine the two and create a human child with a pig's body. That's just makes me uncomfortable.

Ghost Child

This child looks sickly, with its translucent pale skin. Perhaps because of all the Hires' Root Beer he's drinking at such a young age.

Hell's Soap

I don't even know where to begin. This soap looks dangerous and painful. I think I'll pass.

While this may have looked all normal and nice back in the 1920s, it looks more than creepy to me now in 2015. Even though I might find a stupid ad or a cheesy commercial every now and then, I'd take those any day to these insanely odd, eerie ads and commercials found in the olden days.

[Source: Viralnova, Wait But Why]


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