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Issa Nash
... to Bale's Batman are a bit off. Bale's Batman fought much the same way that Affleck's appears to in the clip. Use of arms, and much like a brawler. Also, although I love this new look, the costume in Batman Begins was pure Badass. I didn't care for the functional changes in the sequels but the Begins costume, i.e. (nomex survival suit), was brilliant along with how all the pieces came into play. Such as the ears being ordered from China, the cowl, initially defective and Alfred advising Bruce not to "land on your head." Plus, Bale's Batman was VERY, VERY angry and it was the first time we got to see Batman's methods of interrogation. Remember Flass eating the Falafel sandwich and suddenly being strung up to a very, very angry Batman. Now Bale's Bruce Wayne, became timid as the story moved along with regards to his anger but it was raw and emotional when BB started. Taking on 6 prisoners aggressively. The only part I didn't care for with Bale's Bruce Wayne was when he started showing signs of "retiring" by being with Rachel. But up until then Bale's Batman/Wayne were on point. Does that make Affleck's Batman any less enjoyable? No. I wasn't on board with Affleck but as time went on and info was released, I have since loved what he has shown with the character. But that doesn't mean Bale's Batman was less enjoyable or accurate. It's going to be a different character regardless of who you prefer. Sure it's Batman but it's going to be a very different version.

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