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Dylon Michael Peterson
..., in which case I apologize in advance, but why on Earth would an actress playing X-23 need to be played by an asian chick? For Cassandra Cain, it makes since even if there is debate over if it should be or not, but for X, last I knew she was pretty much an exact clone of Wolverine except for the age and the lack of a Y chromosome. Wolverine may have spent quite some time in Japan, but I had never heard of him having that strong of any oriental heritage. Again, if there was an update that I missed about that or that there's more to Laura Kinney's DNA than James "Logan" Howlett, you'll have to forgive me, but I've never even thought she was really drawn like an asian chick, just very pale and raven-haired. I suppose I could see Moretz as just about any of the 3 Parker love interests. Altough, I am still more interested in Shailene Woodley as MJ if she's still interested. But between Kick Ass, Carrie and Dark Shadows, I'm just really stuck on her as X-23. I mean, that snarl, look at that snarl (see below). Also, I have a feeling the answer to this is negative, but do you connect Jayma Mays to Barbara Gordon because her character was refered to as such in Glee?

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