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I am chasing my dreams to become a film maker! Follow me on my quest!

I am 24 years old, and I have never made a film before... ever. My passion is to make movies, and Friday The 31st is my first attempt at doing anything professionally. The trailer in this article is the first legitimate video I've created.

My twin brother and I used our own money to rent the Red Dragon camera for 3 days. The idea behind investing in the expensive camera was that it would give my film the professional look that I yearned for. We wanted to make the short film, but we didn't have enough money to accomplish that. What better way to get my film funded than on Kickstarter? I mean, that's exactly why Kickstarter exists; to help people such as myself.

So, my brother and I came up with a plan to launch the Kickstarter project. We needed to sell it to the people, though. How do we do that? Well, how about we make a kick-ass trailer to show everyone what we are capable of doing? If we show them how professional we can be, then more people will believe in us, which will ultimately earn the money of potential backers. At least, that was the idea...

We took out a personal loan to rent the Dragon camera for 3 days. The Friday The 31st trailer below was made over 3 days. We both work full time at the local grocery store, and we needed to take time off to make the trailer. Check it out below!

We aren't made of money, and we certainly do not own a $60,000 camera. I'm actually struggling to pay off bills because of the loan I took out and the time we took off to make the trailer!

Loved this trailer? Then check out the official Kickstarter!

The video above is the official trailer to a potential short that can become a reality with your help! The story of Friday The 31st centers around the legendary Jack Haddonfield, of course. When four young men rendezvous around a fire in the woods of Crystal Falls, fitting story-telling ensues, considering there is a legend deeply rooted in beneath the leaves of this town. The official synopsis is as follows...

A long time ago, it was Friday the 31st of October, and a legend was born on that Halloween day. Jack was a young boy who worked for his mother in the fields of pumpkins and corn. He loved the Halloween season, and obsessed over making his very own Jack-o-lanterns. He carved out so many pumpkins that they eventually completely surrounded his mother's house.
Jack's mother became enraged and started furiously bashing each and every one of his pumpkins; his family; his brothers. The legend was born that Halloween day after slicing his mother's head off with one clean strike with his machete. Crystal Falls has never forgotten what happened on that Friday the 31st.
After telling the story of Jack Haddonfield, a question looms around the fire; a question of how true the story is, if at all. What ensues is an honest answer from the legend himself. The legend of Crystal Falls... the scarecrow man... the pumpkin face killer... Jack Haddonfield shows himself once and for all, which tests the fate of a few new victims to become a part of the family.

Why should you get involved with this kickstarter?

I've been seeing that people think I don't need their money; that since I used the Red Dragon camera, I must have plenty of money. It's actually somewhat of a good thing that people think I don't need their money, because it means that the trailer looks professional and looks like it has a huge budget. But, the fact of the matter is, I do NEED your money. I wouldn't have launched the Kickstarter campaign if I had the funding to make Friday The 31st. My plan is to rent the Dragon camera again for the short film, but if I'm going to have epic kills, great music, professional practical effects, stellar lighting, strong actors and a short film that I will feel confident in sending to festivals around the world, I am going to need a budget of about... you guessed it, $20,000.

I love Horror movies, and Friday The 31st is one big shout out to all the classics that I grew up admiring. They have been so influential throughout my life that I am trying to freakin' make one! If you donate, you would simply be helping out a couple of brothers with big dreams. Any sort of backing would go a long way for this project, believe it or not. We're just a couple of local boys from Lake Katrine, New York trying to do what we love.

Check out what this campaign is about; what this vision of slasher love is, why me and my team need to raise this goal and naturally the awesome perks on offer.

Unable to financially contribute; no worries, then share the project on whatever social media sites you may belong to so that others may find out about FRIDAY THE 31st.

do you believe in legend?
do you believe in legend?


Thank you for watching!


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