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As we get closer and closer to the release of the newest Star Wars movie, Star Wars The Force Awakens. People saw the Comic Con Reel for the movie and I kept on asking questions about the reel. Who is Simon Pegg playing? Why is Daisy Ridley flying the Millennium Falcon? My questions are explained in this post. All pictures are rights to Lucasfilm and Disney.

1) My first Question: What or Who will Simon Pegg play?

There were rumors the Shaun of the Dead star would be appearing in the background as a Stormtrooper, but he’s obviously a bulky creature of some sort. Is that fabric around his torso a shirt, or is it supposed to be alien skin? The chunky physique calls to mind Droopy McCool (yes, that was the character’s real name) who played horn with the Max Rebo Band in Jabba’s palace in Return of the Jedi.

2) Who the Hell is Lobster Man?

This candy-apple red crustacean-looking fellow is one of the denizens of the pirate lair run by Maz Kanata (played by Lupita Nyong’o.) At first, he (or she) appears to be humanoid, but in the video, the bottom of that mask opens up into a mouth that emits a distinctly inhuman sound. Plus, the vertical eye-slits suggest something that doesn’t have a familiar face. Perhaps it’s just an anonymous background figure, but the scarlet visage is striking and mysterious, in the same way Boba Fett once was — before we knew what was beneath the helmet. If that is a helmet. We could also be dealing with an exoskelton here, right?

3) Who is the creature and the person?

Two more layabouts from Maz Kanata’s lair. There’s something intimate but creepy about this pose, like the girl in the black-and-white jester outfit is some kind of pet — Salacious Crumb to his Jabba the Hutt. Or is that dynamic reversed? We may never get a full backstory about these two, but the possibilities are infinite.

4) Is this a Ghost Millennium Falcon?

This appears to simply be a piece of digitally rendered concept art, but there’s something haunting about the figures at the ship’s entryway. If they were just stand-ins for human beings, why would they be rendered with such tall heads and awkward stances? Han Solo’s freighter appears to be parked inside a giant hangar of some sort, but there’s something lonely and unsettling about these two ghostly shapes.

5) Why is Rey in the Millennium Falcon?

Lando Calrissian flew the Falcon in Return of the Jedi, so it’s not like we’ve never seen someone other than Han Solo at the controls before. But this footage shows detailed shots of Daisy Ridley’s desert scavenger clumsily piloting the Falcon to liftoff — and no one is in the cockpit with her. So where is Harrison Ford’s galactic smuggler and Peter Mayhew’s Chewbacca? Why does she appear to be escaping all by herself?

6) Who's Character is this?

The original trilogy did remarkable things with puppets, and Lupita Nyong’o’s Kaz Manata and Andy Serkis’ Supreme Leader Snoke will be rendered with performance-capture technology that marries digital imagery with human performance. But it appears they won’t be the only ones using a variation on this technology. This puppetry device takes it in a different direction, allowing an actor (who?) to manipulate the puppet through motion capture. Who is this lanky alien — and does this mean he has a speaking role?

7) Warwick Davis with who?

Many Star Wars fans have already pointed out that the short furball beside Ewok actor Warwick Davis looks like a galactic version of one of the Minions. It’s definitely an unique design — even amid the peculiar menagerie of creatures we’ve seen before — but this haystack-looking being is likely just a background figure. Probably wouldn’t make a great action figure, but might make for a lovable teddy bear.

8) Someone operating a creature?

Unknown Actor, but It looks like he's helping operate a creature named BabaJoe. Can anyone tell me who this is? Looks like the Star Wars franchise is headed back to practical effects and not CGI.


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