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I am a HUGE fan of the [Batman: Arkham Series](tag:2586475) and, well… pretty much anything that is associated with Batman and that’s exactly what made this DLC so wonderful! “A Matter of Family” is a toast to the Batman franchise, featuring a classic Harley Quinn and for the first time Barbara Gordon as Batgirl (she has appeared as the Oracle in other games) this DLC is truly aimed to please the fans. I have played every DLC that has appeared in the Arkham games and I venture to say this is the best one yet! I will admit it is a little bit short taking about an hour and a half to get all the collectibles, but let me tell you why that isn’t a bad thing.

I have played to many DLC that was just filler content, a reused map and a bland unentertaining story but “A Matter of Family” did a good job separating itself from that. A completely new map was used and it tied in well with the Arkham Knight as “A Matter of Family” actually tells the story of the newspaper referenced in the main game in Oracle’s watchtower. The story was simple yet satisfactory, set before the time of Arkham Asylum, Batgirl and Robin are working together to stop the Joker who had kidnapped the Commissioner (James Gordon) or as Batgirl would call him “Dad”. I enjoyed the new mechanics that were used, primarily focused on hacking machines to create fear in enemies before taking them down it was extremely satisfying to turn out the lights and watch as your enemies walked around in fear unknowing of their impending doom.

I highly suggest playing this DLC whether it be because you're a huge fan of Batgirl, you have an overwhelming fondness for anything Batman related (Like me) or you just want something fun to play “A Matter of Family” will quench that thirst but it may feel more like a shot compared to the gallon you actually want.Let me know what you think, have you played the DLC yet and if so what was your opinion on it? Thanks for reading!


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