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Sam Tyler: "I need you to connect me to a Virgin number -"

Operator: "Don't you start that sexy business with me, young man. I can trace this call".

A lot of people may not know what the TV show "Life on mars" is about and to be honest I didn't too. I over hear people talking about it but I never got a chance to watch it and has years past I forgot all about it, until I FINALLY got a chance to watch it and I'm a bit disappointed with myself for not watching it sooner because this show is freaking excellent.

Life on Mars gives me that classic nostalgic good cop and bad cop feeling, also taking place in the 70's, this is perfect for a series and how could people over look this brilliant and well made show.

John Simm plays are main character (Sam Tyler) and John Simm has said the script for this show was "Bonkers", and he was right but my god dose it worked so well in this show. John Simm and the rest of the supporting crew was just terrific and they wasn't that one person who did a terrible job, no they all did terrific. They cast the right people in the right roles and that's just good to see.

John Simm as Sam Tyler
John Simm as Sam Tyler

Philip Glenister has (Gene Hunt) was simply brilliant has this mean, bad cop who wants the case done badly, which makes him a lot of fun to watch. Sam and Gene back and forward was just TV gold.

Philip Glenister as Gene Hunt
Philip Glenister as Gene Hunt

The 70's soundtrack used in the show was also terrific and I listened to those tracks about loads of times now. The story was great and interesting, the cast has I said before was great and the writing as well was fantastically well written.

Now this isn't going to get the perfect rating of 10/10 because it isn't up to that level, but it still get's a strong rating of 9/10.

P.S. If you haven't see this show then... well, watch it please.

A little clip of the opening.


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