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The anonymous Tumbler artist known as the Nameless Doll is back again with a Disney Princess series that shows how they would look with short hair.

Her previous Princess efforts demonstrated what the Princesses would look like without chubby cheeks and baby faces.

Other projects include what the mother of Disney Princesses would look like.

Another imagined some Disney animal characters re-imagined as human beings.

Artist quotes are taken directly from her Tumblr page.

Let me know which

Princess you think wears short hair the best in the comment section.


I sat for a long time and wondered how this movies would have portrayed a shaved head. And then I went on a hunt for how ears looked in this style, but I could for the life of me not find any ears on the women, so I used Philip as a model.


Woke up early today due to the heat and made this. I think it’s safe to say that you can expect more short haired princesses from me. :P


Did you know that Belle’s hair length changes though out the whole movie? :D Anyway, here the inspiration was one of my hair styles from before - Short, short in the neck, and then longer locks towards the collarbone to frame the face (now tied into a tiny tiny bun).


Something small I did last month! :D Ever since I got my pixie cut last year, I wanted to make a little Photoshop series where I gave all the Disney princesses short hair, but I never actually tried it out until this summer. My goal was to try and mimic the movie’s style as much as I can (which made me all dizzy when I tried out Aurora X,D) so it looks really simplistic here. (^.^‘’) We shall see if this becomes a thing or not. :P


I was thinking of Ruby Rose while working on Elsa, and Anna simply got the hair that I had half a year ago (I have had Elsa’s hair style too, but +1 year ago).


I was working on Belle, but it was too darn tricky to get what I wanted, so I jumped to Jasmine. Again; very simple edit, nothing drastic. It was fun though! (for some reason I imagine Jasmine cutting of her long hair before running away, as a means to disguise herself)


I have always loved Kida’s design, so I just needed to include her into this mini project! :D Sorry for pixely quality thou. :,o


YOU - “Are you going to give short haired characters long hair?” :D

ME - “…Nope… Imma go even shorter!!!” >:D


Just imagine it: The evil Queen is already making Snow White to wear poor peasant clothing, but it can’t disguise her beauty. So I imagine the queen also forcing her to shave her head every morning, in a desperate attempt to make her less beautiful. But alas, even without her hair, Snow is still considered the most beautiful girl in the land, both inside and out. :3


Thank you everybody for your help! :D I feel like I have become so much more informed about hair history now. Here I decided to go with an Eton crop a la Joséphine Baker because I feel that Tiana would have pulled it of magnificently! ;D

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