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Helolw bioware and mass effect fans who are listening. If you are reading this you may wish to make a decision on the mass effect andromeda game commuting in 2016. I have a wish that commander shepard, his squaudmates, or love interest's like only garrus and tali to return in the mass effect andromeda game, ncluding a happier ending. The third mass effect had a hint in the game that may relate to the andromeda story and commander shepard's involvement, and how commander shepard and his squadmates are in it. The reason i posted this is to convince fans and bioware to make shepard and his squad to be in the next game and why. In the perfect destroy ending, commander shepard destroyed the thing that activated the kill switch for the reapers and all synthetic life in the milky way, but how did commander shepard survive the blast? Why was the remains of the crucible not in the center of the citadel when the happy ending mod picture of the citadel? My therory that can be possible is that their were people that worked on the crucible and were in the crucible that guided it to the citadel. Before the crucible was activated they saw shepard laying on the ground and one of them took shepard in the crucible for medical treatment while the other ones were making sure the crucible doesn't overload. On of the workers called the one helping shepard for help an he already ensured that shepard was safe, then he and the others helped to ensure that the crucible worked and they died or lived in the blast to save not just shepard, but the galaxy. When the crucible was activated it pushed the energy out to the mass relay network acros the galaxy, but the crucible did it's job well then it hyper jumped across the galaxy mabe as a safe guard incase it dint work well and when it acidently jumped out of one of the relays to the andromeda galaxy, maybe a relay in the edge if the galaxy in uncharted territory that even the reapers dint know that a cycle of the milky way galaxy built to explore the other galaxy before they were wiped out buy the reapers. Then the Normandy which joker and shepard's crew were in dint escape the affects of the blast but they acidently too went to the uncharted space where the super relay was and landed on the green planet with two moons (which was seen in the post credits scene). Then the crew found shepard which was possible because shepard found in the ruins of the crucible a distress beacon to call the normandy to pick him up before the normandy got out of range. Then a few years later the alliance then discovered the relay and went to the galaxy and found shepard and his squad who were able to survive with the local dextrose and low amino acid based food there on both life supporting planets in each of the two rechable solar systems in the helius cluster, the alliance then hiered the team to search for resources in the cluster to rebuild the rest of the galaxy and find a new home for humanity, but th he relay to the andromeda galaxy was found by the alliance and kept it secret from the galaxy to keep it from panicking. Also before you may think this unlikely look at the post credits scene where it's winter and one of the two the star gazers or the younger one asked the older one to tell another story about shepard and the older one said "ok one more story". If this story bores you then you can change it b ioware, but all I ask for as a big fan is that shepard and his squad return to the next-generation of mass effect, and that it gets a happier ending than the third one. P.S bioware and fans if you really don't want shepard in it then at least bring a turian squadmate to be a romance option for the main character. Sorry this post was so long.

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