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Long gone are the days where women are left completely out of the nerdy treehouse, and I'm happy to see that the old stereotype of a plain and style-less geek girl is being rapidly broken down.

San Diego Comic Con is now filled with incredible designers who create gorgeous and stylish clothes and accessories with a nerdy bent. Whether it's blatantly nerdy apparel, lush and geek-inspired prints or a subtle nod to a fandom in otherwise "normal" streewear, these companies have everything you need to wear your heart on your sleeve when it comes to all things nerdy.

In aid of connecting fans with designers, Fashionably Nerdy hosted a cocktail mixer during the convention this year, allowing a huge number (according to the event page, nearly six hundred attended the two hour event!) of fans and fashionistas to nerd out over the latest trends.

If you are looking for some new designers to add to your wardrobe, or even somewhere to start with building your gloriously geeky collection, check out my round up below.

Where else would we start, but with one of the biggest names in nerdy fashion, Her Universe. This incredible company has a huge range of products (almost all of which are for women), with licensing from Marvel, Star Wars, Transformers, Dr Who and Star Trek (and more being added all the time!).

The clothing ranges from simple t-shirts to tank tops, hoodies, leggings, skirts, dresses and even jewelry, all with a clever design from your favorite franchises. The designs themselves range from simple prints and subtle nods to the "everyday cosplay" range that bridges the gap between cosplay and streetwear.

Lace & Lore was one of my favorite new finds at this year's SDCC, a clothing and accessories brand that specializes in the most incredible nerd-inspired prints which you can find on their leggings, purses, dresses and skirts. There's something of an anime-theme to their designs, with a Naruto line, along with a plethora of colorful and cartoonish prints.

I personally fell in love with their food-themed items, from gorgeous donut and sweet-treat dresses and leggings to wonderfully girly cupcake or donut-shaped handbags. Definitely a line that combines the feminine and the nerdy, I absolutely love Lace & Lore!

If you are looking for something subtle, but that still allows you to flaunt your fandom, Whosits & Whatsits makes incredible Disney-inspired outfits with a very light touch.

Adorable hats, shirts, and jewelry (with a few pieces for men, too!) draw from princesses, Peter Pan and other Disney animated classics (as well as some new projects - there's a Baymax hat in there!) to create a line that could pass as mainstream fashion... unless you are also a fan, at which point, let the geeking out commence!

This incredibly unique brand focuses on handmade custom creations, gorgeous dresses that perfectly walk the line between drama and wearability. Many of her creations have a fantasy feel, while others have a more pin-up vibe, along with many others that are simply beautiful and one of a kind.

Girl With One Eye also makes skirts, bowties and bows, and designer Kimberly is also a cosplayer, and you can check out some of her great cosplays via the facebook page.

Odd Mod Boutique

Last, but by no means least are the wonderfully classic designs by Odd Mod Boutique; simply cut dresses, skirts and tops with fangirl accents and panels. They also offer a custom print fabric service, so that if you just can't find anything to represent YOUR fandom, you can always have something created just for you.

These are by no means the only wonderful fashions represented at SDCC, and nothing makes me happier than realizing that there are now simply too many nerdy fashion brands to include in one article. With new brands appearing all the time (and existing companies expanding rapidly) it seems that I will never again have to leave the house without wearing something to announce my nerdy status. Bliss.


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