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So, now that Comic-Con is over and we have seen the small trailer for Season 2 of The Flash, it is time to start putting out fan theories.

The theory I am going to put out there today involves Eddie Thawne. I believe that Eddie will become the main antagonist of Season 2, Zoom.

Now I know what all of you are going to say, Eddie died in the Season 1 finale yes, that's right, he did, but hear me out. If you think about it, the idea sort of makes sense.

We all know that Zoom from the comics doesn't technically have super speed, he is actually able to alter the time stream linear to himself, and if you consider the events of the finale, it could be entirely possible for Eddie to become this character for the following reasons.

Eddie caused the singularity to reappear

If you remember, it was Eddie's intervention from shooting himself that caused the black hole to reopen after it had been closed so, you could argue that Eddie's sacrifice caused the black hole to become connected to only his timeline in an attempt to fix everything.

The black hole was made from the speed force

When Barry created the hole using the speed force there was probably still some residual energy left when it reopened so when Eddie's body got sucked in, it could have absorbed that energy, healed him and taken him to Earth 2 to start formulating some kind of revenge plot.

The Color Blue

It is no secret that Eddie was a fan of the color (he wore it in practically every episode), and while some would attribute this with cobalt blue (for obvious reasons) it appears that in the trailer below, Zoom is blue.

It would make sense if you look at Arrow

If you think back to Slade Wilson in Season 1 of Arrow, he started out as a friend to Oliver and then midway through Season 2 he was thought to be dead but, in reality his mind was warped and he turned into the main villain, they could easily do the same thing here.

I guess we will just have to wait and see.


Do you want Eddie to be Zoom in Season 2?


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