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Imagine this: You rush home with a bunch of snacks eager to watch the next episode of (insert favorite show here). Right when you sit on the couch and get comfortable reality hits you....your favorite show ended a couple days ago. Sound familiar? As the one friend that is always the last one to watch popular series simply to avoid post-show depression, I have jumbled up together a list of things to consider doing when you're feeling down and/or lost without your favorite show.

1) Small acts of kindness never hurt anyone

People missed you while you were gone, believe it or not. I'm not saying that you should give all your money to charity at a single time, but simply to start out with small steps. Give someone a compliment, for example and both you and the person will feel great. Small steps count, remember that now.

2) Watch Cooking videos on YouTube

As random as it sounds, it works. After being the last person to finally finish watching Breaking Bad (yaas), I was feeling lost and rather depressed about the final outcome of my favorite anti-hero. I found solace in cooking videos and watching someone make something wonderful from seemingly random ingredients. It's liberating and rewarding. The only downside is washing the dishes afterwards so watch out for that.

3) Watch Cat videos

According to a new study in the journal 'Computers in Human Behavior', out of the 7000 people surveyed over social media, "fewer people reported negative emotions such as anxiety, sadness and annoyance after watching cat videos.." (Kraft, Pg.1) This means that watching cat videos can take some edge off of your day and help you take on the world in a fresher state of mind. Fee free to read more on this subject by clicking here--->

4) Move Around

Literally just walk everywhere, it counts as a workout (depending on how long you walk for) and it distracts you for a bit. Just watch out when crossing the street because I'm trying to help and not get sued. Also, going back to the random act of kindness bit, sign up for some volunteer time. It won't hurt.

5) When all else fails or you are too lazy, grab some paper and doodle

Before you start with the "I can't draw" thing, stop. I'm not asking you to draw some Picasso level art but literally to scribble on a piece of paper (or on your tablet if you aren't old fashioned). Start out with basic shapes and then work your way up to other stuff around the house.

6) Time heals all wounds...

Including one made by a TV show that was way more than just an ordinary show. :)


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