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I moved to LA to act, write and direct. Im a huge film aficionado and when i have time i share what interests me on here, enjoy.
Ryan Adam Fuzessery

We all saw the bootleg trailer from Comic Con and then we all saw the official HD trailer Warner Bros posted online the following two days after and we freaked out...again. Then everyone broke down the trailer and pointed out their favorite parts and some even found easter eggs.

One of those eggs was the continuity aspect of the destruction of the building that Superman and General Zod fought in with Man of Steel that turned out to be a Wayne Tower as we see Bruce running towards the destruction of it also providing the reason behind his visible anger as lives were lost.

That scene brings me to share this video of a edit by YouTube user Long Rangel who blended scenes from BvS and Man of Steel to make this awesome extended scene of that fight and Bruces view point that makes waiting for 2016 even harder. Enjoy!

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is out March 25th 2016

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