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At San Diego Comic-Con we finally got the very first offical trailer of theSuicide Squad and Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

After watching both of the trailers a few times over I feel that there is a mutual connection between the both of them. You may agree with me you may not, each to their own, but I feel that it could be a possibility.

In the last few moments of the Suicide Squad trailer we see Joker(Jared Leto) enter a dark room that looks to possibly one of the wings within Arkham Asylum which he could be held because of the type of trousers he is wearing and the equipment he is using to torture a person in a chair. Now I know that you are probably all thinking that its Harley, which it could be but, what if I told you it could be Jason Todd(2nd Robin). Those that know about Jason know that he was brutally tortured by the Joker in a wing of Arkham Ayslum

You are probably this may not be a valid reason why. But drifting over to the Dawn of Justice trailer, you see Bruce Wayne looking into a glass case where it holds a Robin suit and it has been graffitied on saying "HAHAHA Jokes on you Batman". And continuously in the in the 'SS' trailer you hear the words 'Jokes on me

Lastly because I'm sort of rambling and maybe confusing. In the Dawn of Justice, it seems that Batman has not been operational in Gotham for quite sometime until Superman shows up. Also Bruce Wayne is much older now and in the comic books Jason was killed off in the late 80's. This could mean that Batman gave up stopped crimefighting in the films due to Jason's dead.

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