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Not to long ago it was finally announced that Degrassi will be forever shutting its doors to us doting fans. Because of this I thought why talk about why this is an issue for many teens being brought up in this day and age.

Season 12
Season 12

Degrassi the Next Generation has been airing on T.V. since 2001 and will be ending with fourteen seasons in 2015. Degrassi has spurred the careers of many different actors or actress, for example Drake a.k.a Wheel Chair Jimmy. While it has been a great starting point for many it has also taught us teens invaluable lessons. It ranged from peer pressure, death, being transgender, drugs, gangs, sexual harassment, cheating, abuse, teen pregnancy, suicide, and to gay and lesbian relationships.

Season 14
Season 14

Degrassi was the only show that told it like it is in high school and trials that us teens have to face each day in this new age. There most likely will not be another show that will actually cover the topics that Degrassi has and even go beyond them as well. I believe that teens should have a show that will go this level to talk about these common issues nowadays to have a sense and knowledge that someone else knows what I am going through. Without Degrassi what can we turn to for these issues. Even though these are fictional characters with fictional lives they are still real for many people and does help many with their own situations. Thus, Degrassi has been a great influence in my life and I will miss it. What about you?


Will you miss Degrassi?


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