ByJai Proppe, writer at

I think call of duty zombies would be a great cinematic universe. Make a movie that shows the creation of the teleportation devices and the downfall of Maxis. Have it showcase the creation of element 115 and how the hellhounds came to be and the importance of Samantha. Also you could do a movie based on the beginning of the apocalypse, how the civilians handled it and in the end died and how our four loveable protagonists came together to fight the undead hordes. And finally end it with them bringing forth Samantha and ending the zombies by either nuking the earth like at the end of the moon level or having the controversial ending from black ops 2 zombies (warning spoilers if you haven't beaten the second zombies storyline) Make it up to the viewer to decide like at the end of our second storyline where Samantha is playing with action figures of our protagonists. I just think that would be totally awesome! Imagine the action and the mystery of the Teddy Bear and might I just add that Richthofen would be hilarious on the big screen.


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