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There is no hero more unsung than Alfred Pennyworth, Batman's loyal adviser, and here are ten people that can show how great he can truly be:

10. Bernie Kopell

He's obviously an older man, but he can play caring, kind, and could portray a great mentor. He is talented and in his older age would make a great Alfred Pennyworth.

9. Anthony Hopkins

He has some hardcore acting chops from Odin in the Thor films to Hannibal Lector in Silence of the Lambs. Since he's been Odin he can play the older father figure type character, what he could do different with Alfred is he could bring in a dynamic to Alfred that we haven't yet seen portrayed, his badassery. What many people forget about Alfred, the friendly butler, is he was a special operative in MI6 before his butler-ing days. Alfred is a badass and it's time that had some light shed on it.

8. Alan Rickman

We have seen Rickman play a smart, mentor before, watch him as Severus Snape. He has the look of an Alfred in his 60's and already has the accent down pat. This guy is a terrific actor and brings it in every role he plays. I'm sure he'd be a great Alfred.

7. Jonathan Price

Just look at him, his look alone is very Alfred like. His eyes have a look of wisdom and whimsy that we love from Alfred. I believe if this man was handed a script he could make an excellent Alfred.

6. Ian Mckellen

He's wise, smart, sarcastic, and let's face it, Gandalf is practically the Alfred to Bilbo and Bilbo's Robin, Frodo. He'd be wonderful as Alfred, and he's a huge name that could draw more crowds.

5. Bill Nighy

He was great as Davy Jones, and as different as the characters Davy and Alfred are, it could show off his range as an actor and still deliver one hell of an awesome performance as Alfred.

4. Patrick Stewart

He already has the look down so well and he has the accent to back it up. Throw him in a tux and hand him a script and let him run with it. He'd be a perfect Alfred.

3. Michael Gambon

You can't really get a better mentor than Albus Dumbledore himself. He has the accent and truly has the acting chops behind it, I think he could be given a chance to be Alfred and truly knock it out of the park.

2. Peter Capaldi

He's quick witted, wise, and he kicks ass! He's not my personal favorite Doctor, I'm a big fan of David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor. But personal Doctor Who fan boy feelings aside he truly is a great actor. He has the credits as well as the Alfred type look that any comic book fan can get behind. He'd be a very good Alfred.

1. Terence Stamp

Terence is my personal favorite choice on this list, I love him in everything he does and gives me the feeling of a wise older man well versed in the ways of the world. Yet, he gives me that Alfred could be a badass vibe. Like, I said Alfred was in MI6, he isn't a pushover like some people think. Alfred can hold his own if necessary. But, it's this tenacious intelligence that Stamp gives off in all of his roles that makes me think of Alfred every time. He has the accent, the look, and the chops to pull this one off. No one could do it better in my honest opinion.


Who would you want to play Alfred?


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