ByMatthew Banks, writer at
X-Men apocalypse is coming in 2016 and new details has been revealed. X-Men apocalypse is an upcoming marvel film directed by Brian singer will be using the X-Men arch nemesis apocalypse the worlds first and most powerful mutant, this will be the last X-Men movie and the ultimate X-Men.

Which is to feature all the X-Men members to come together to stop apocalypse. Including wolverine, storm professor x, magneto, young quicksilver and also a young scarlet witch, nightcrawler, Scott summers, Jean grey, kitty pride, rogue, beast, collossus, blink, bishop warpath iceman, angel, sunspot, mystique, Polaris, cannonball, havok, mimic, Joseph, sunfire, moonstar, majik, Emma frost, sage, juggernaut, firestar, longshot, banshee, maggott, changeling, jabliee, and the characters from first class and from origins wolverine and the original 3 X-Men movies will team to take apocalypse. X-Men apocalypse is taking place right after days of future past when wolverine stop mystique from killing trask and changing the time line and the end credits scene show apocalypse as a young boy, the movie shows him growing up as the mean mutant he is going in the future in the 60s same time X-Men first class was taking place and terrorising them all the to the original time line are u eager to see this movie what's your favorite X-Men leave a comment let me know.


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