ByMohsin Javed, writer at
...s". You also seems to ignore (while bashing MOS) that Supes didn't destroyed the city. The thing is it was supes first outing. Mr Zod in MOS was more meaner and deadly and put MOS in those situations that made him do this (supes never killed a person on screen, none in MOS) but yes he actually saved thousands by killing Zod. Well ironman literally killed 15 men in his first movie on his first outing and there was collateral damage too including that fighter plane. Avengers and AOU had the same kind of destruction (although the Chitauri were quite a dumb army for only playing things around the stark tower and only destroying abandoned cars XD) MOS is more believable and Zod's plan was just so awesome to turn this planet into a his own birthplace. It was meant to be destructive. You seem to be stuck in older version of superman in 1900's. News flash people did loved the MOS more than the happy happy piece of garbage was Superman Returns (which you are seeking here). DC are going in the right direction, Batman and Superman are put into a fight cause of that ending in MOS and it seems fair enough for me. Otherwise why would Batman fight Supes anyway?!? Supes did save the planet and avengers only the downtown city, there is a difference, DC approach is more believable and this is the best Superman we'll have after Reeve's. GET OVER IT!

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