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I agree with Batman and Saphira but the Hulk is only controlled with anger and has a habit of running away..instead of him, I would grab someone with the same effect, but constant - The Thing
The Thing has the same effect as hulk in the intimidation phase, and if need be can be reasonable and can come up with good ideas, he is a survivor and he can get down and dirty when he needs to...
The Thing also cannot get sick, he is literally walking rock. He could break down supplies needed for survival without needing to be exceedingly angry and then be useless while recovering from that spurt, as we see Bruce Banner does get tired after becoming the Hulk from Bruce Banner in the movies and comics.
Also, Bruce Banner may be a scientist and stuff, but don't forget that so was Ben before he became The Thing, and he didn't go around killing people unnecessarily.
To be honest I think I would trust my safety with someone who is permanently big and strong and who actually is conscious while he is big.
Overall, My choices would be Batman, Saphira (for the reasons stated in the original post) and The Thing.


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