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WARNING. This post contains images not recommended for children for Moderate nudity.

The co-star from Jackass and Wildboyz co-host, turns 41 today! (How on earth did he made it so far?) and we celebrate it taking a look to his career.

Chris was born in Pasadena, CA. in the year of 1974, he was part of Big Brother Magazine (a skateboard and humor focused magazine) along with some of his Jackass companions like Jeff Tremaine, Dave Carnie, Rick Kosick and Johnny Knoxville.

Later on he was part of Jackass spinoff "Wildboyz" with his friend and fellow actor/stuntman Steve-O.

He has dedicated all his professional life as a humor entertainer, being Jackass and Wildboyz the more iconic of his works, but he has also participated in several other movies and T.V. shows including MTV Cribs, WWE Raw and the Dudesons.

While participating in Jackass, his most famous character was the "Party Boy", when playing the Party Boy, Chris would start pissing off people using his signature "Party Boy" song and funny dance moves, while wearing nothing but a bowtie and a thong, in some occasions, just the bowtie.

After Jackass, Pontius started as a co-host for Wildboyz, a show pretty much like Jackass, but involving animals and exotic places in most of their stunts, going as far as taunting big alligators and almost drinking blood with a tribe known as the Aghori (a tribe of human flesh-eating and blood drinking ritualistic nature).

Surprisingly, Wildboyz had 32 episodes, that's more thatn its predecesor Jackass, but the show ended due to undetermined reasons, although it was said by Chris and Steve-O that the show was running out of ideas and becoming more like Jackass, and after the death of Steve Irwing in 2006 they decided that if that kind of stuff can happen to a trained professional, it could as well happen to them. (however that didn't stop them of returning to Jackass 2.5 and Jackass 3 and perform a few Wildboyz-themed stints in India).

Here's Pontius acting as a Human cat scratching post for a tiger.

Here are a few facts about Chris.

  • He is vegetarian.
  • He played Jesus Christ in "National Lampoon's TV: The Movie
  • He appeared in Jackass The Game, voicing himself.
  • Before Jackass, he was an upcoming skateboarding talent.

Pontius's Bunny lifeguard.
Pontius's Bunny lifeguard.

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