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Back in 1992 our hearts were stolen by a huge, smelly, slobbery mess of a dog named Beethoven. The lovable St. Bernard dog starred in Beethoven as the begrudgingly adopted pet of the Newton family. Despite rough beginnings, Beethoven proved himself a valuable member of the family, and when Beethoven's life was at risk, even the patriarch of the family, George couldn't bear to be without him.

Beethoven was such a popular film that it spawned a crazy seven sequels and an animated TV series! The main cast of the 1992 original movie (including the dog) also starred in Beethoven's 2nd, though dropped out afterwards. The most recent addition to the Beethoven franchise was only released in 2014!

But 23 years after the Newton family fell in love with their big fuzz ball Beethoven, how do they look? Check it out for yourself:

Charles Grodin as George Newton

What else you might have seen him in: Following Beethoven Grodin starred in: Dave, So I Married an Axe Murderer, Hearts and Souls, Beethoven's 2nd, Clifford, It Runs in the Family, The Ex, The Humbling, While We're Young, Louie.

Bonnie Hunt as Alice Newton

What else you might have seen her in: The Building, Beethoven's 2nd, Only You, Jumanji, Now and Then, Getting Away With Murder, Bonnie, Jerry Maguire, A Bug's Life, The Green Mile, Monsters, Inc. Cheaper by the Dozen, Life with Bonnie, Cheaper by the Dozen 2, Cars, Hurricane Season, Toy Story 3, Cars 2, Monsters University, Sofia the First.

Nicholle Tom as Ryce Newton

What else you might have seen her in: Beverly Hills, 90210, Beethoven's 2nd, Beethoven (the TV series), Season of Change, The Nanny, Ice Angel, The Princess Diaries, In Memory of My Father, Justice League, Windfall, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman, My Family's Secret, Hang Loose, Masters of Sex, Private Number and Gotham.

Christopher Castile as Ted Newton

What else you might have seen him in: After his part in Beethoven Ted Newton went on to star in Empty Nest, Beethoven's 2nd, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Hey Arnold! and long running TV series Step by Step.

Sarah Rose Karr as Emily Newton

Other things you might have seen her in: Following Beethoven Sarah Rose Karr went on to star in TV movie Homewrecker, Beethoven's 2nd and finally the Four Diamonds before retiring from acting around age 9. There's very little information about what the now-30-year-old is up to these days, so if you know then please let us know!

Dean Jones as Dr. Varnick

Other things you might have seen him in: Following Beethoven, Jones went on to Clear and Present Danger, Beethoven (the TV series, this time as George Newton), That Darn Cat, The Love Bug, Scrooge and Marley, Mandie and the Secret Tunnel.

Stanley Tucci as Vernon

Other things you might have seen him in: Prelude to a Kiss, The Public Eye, Undercover Blues, The Pelican Brief, It Could Happen to You, Somebody to Love, Jury Duty, A Modern Affair, Big Night, Murder One, The Alarmist, The Imposters, Bull, Sidewalks of New York, Big trouble, Road to Perdition, Maid in Manhattan, Spin, The Life Death of Peter Sellers, The Terminal, Shall We Dance, Robots, The Devil Wears Prada, The Hoax, 3 lbs, Blind Date, What Just Happened, ER, Kit Kittredge: An American Girl, The Tale of Despereaux, Julie & Julia, The Lovely Bones, Easy A, Burlesque, Captain America: The First Avenger, The Hunger Games, Gambit, Jack the Giant Slayer, percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, [The Hunger Games: Catching Fire](tag:303520), Muppets Most Wanted, [Transformers: Age of Extinction](tag:206531), [The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1](tag:446261), BoJack Horseman, Fortitude and also the upcoming [The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2](tag:449866).

Oliver Platt as Harvey

Other things you might have seen him in: Diggstown, Indecent Proposal, Benny & Joon, A Time to Kill, The Impostors, The Three Musketeers, Doctor Dolittle, Lake Placid, Three to Tango, Bicentennial Man, Deadline, Liberty Stands Still, Zig Zag, Pieces of April, Loverboy, The West Wing, Queens Supreme, The Bronx is Burning, Frost/Nixon, Year One, 2012, Love & Other Drugs, X-Men: First Class, Bored to Death, The Big C, Gods Behaving Badly, Fargo, American Experience, The Good Wife, Frank and Cindy.

Chris the Dog as Beethoven

Sadly, Chris is no longer alive, having died shortly after working in Beethoven's 2nd. He was trained by Karl Lewis Miller who is a famous animal trainer responsible for training animals on films such as Beethoven, Cujo and Babe.

Other things you might have seen him in: Beethoven's 2nd

Source: IMDB


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