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(Warning - potential SPOILERS for Suicide Squad lie below - continue reading at your own peril...or, at least, knowing that mild plot SPOILERS may well be found...)

Now, this year's San Diego Comic-Con may not have thrown up too many surprise revelations, but that doesn't mean that it lacked the capacity to solidly blow us all away. After all, when a trailer combines Harley Quinn acrobatics, The Joker going full-crazy, and a superhero gang finally getting together, it's hardly a shock that it turns out to be awesome.

The most intriguing thing about that trailer, though - the first for next year's Suicide Squad?

We Now Know a Whole Lot More About the Plot of Suicide Squad

And, as you can see for yourself just above, a whole lot of what we can tell looks pretty darned awesome. Here, then, are ten of the most intriguing plot hints:

1. Deadshot Looks Set to Get Some Serious Back-Story

Which, since the Will Smith-played villain's fractured relationship with his family is a big part of the comic-book character's identity, looks likely to be an important - if small - part of the movie...

2. Enchantress Is Also Likely to Get an Origin Story

Specifically one that involves that there cave - and presumably Cara Delevingne's human alter-ego being granted the strange powers of the Enchantress...

3. ...As Well as a Love Interest

In the form of Joel Kinnaman's Rick Flagg. Or, at least, that's what that sure looks like. An alternative (comparatively functional) love story to Harley and The Joker's, perhaps?


4. There's a Fake Batman Hanging Around

Which - along with that gang of creepy goat and eyeball goons, suggests that The Joker may well have a gang of his own hanging around somewhere...

5. Though It Seems the Real Batman Will Turn Up Too

Anyone else increasingly starting to suspect that we're going to be seeing a whole lot of flashbacks in Suicide Squad?


6. It Looks Like Katana Might Have a Similar Sword to the Comics

After all, nothing says 'soul-possessing sword' quite like its wielder struggling to put it back in its scabbard while looking pained...

7. There's a Secret Villain Lurking in There Somewhere

Specifically, that guy, who - as io9 argues - might just be General Wade Eiling, who in the comics ends up becoming the supervillain The General.

Which would actually make for a pretty natural plot-twist/final villain for the movie...

Meanwhile, over the in the land of deeply dysfunctional relationships:

8. It Really Looks as Though We're Going to See a Lot of Flashbacks

Seeing as you've kind of got to imagine that this whole car chase is the scene in which The Joker and Harley get caught - and especially since the movie looks to be:

9. ...Including Harley Quinn's Full Origin

Which would surely have to be told as some sort of deep flashback. Could we even see a similar narrative structure to Man of Steel, with the entire opening act of the movie being an extended set of flashbacks to our leads' origin stories?

Well, if so, then that'd certainly explain why...

10. It Looks as Though Harley Is The Joker's Torture Victim

Which would a) make a whole lot more sense on the big screen than him tricking her into falling in love with him during psychiatric sessions, and b) be one of the most definitely messed up scenes we've yet seen in a superhero movie...

What do you think, though?

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